Sun - August 22, 2010

OSX Address Book & iOS Contacts

Adapting to iOS instead of Palm.
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Readerware tips

A few things about Readerware
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Tue - October 28, 2008

Google Earth for iPhone

Coolness for the common guy
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Tue - January 29, 2008

Passing the word

Keeping passwords handy in any situation WITHOUT losing them has been a struggle since the first computer user decided that some files should be private.
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Mon - December 25, 2006

Suplimenting iBlog with CSSEdit

I am still experimenting with Cascading Style Sheets. For an old HTML hand like me, it's been tough to break some habits.
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Sun - November 12, 2006

Revisiting the Palm TX reset problem

I finally narrowed it down.
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Sun - October 1, 2006

Little old lady test

My never-fail test of if software is usable is if my mother can use it. She has been a Mac user since the late 1980s, but she has never been a "power user." Basically, she uses her iBook to surf the web, keep track of people, email, write, and do an occasional spreadsheet. Most of the bundled applications work fine for her. But Apple is phasing out their software suite Appleworks, and it is time to find a replacement.
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Palm TX continuously resets

This isn't as big an issue as it could be, with each of my old Palms a reset could mean that the entire memory was wiped and I was back to square one. It's still annoying though, especially since I have to manually reset PhoneMagic so it shows on the command bar. It was happening once or twice a day.
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Sun - July 30, 2006

DateBk6 (beta) on the Palm TX - Review

When the time came to install DateBk on my new TX, I read some of the reviews of DateBk6. Even if it was in beta, users were raving about it. So I took the jump and upgraded myself. Of course, I had to hold off reviewing it until I had a chance to experiment with the features some.
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FindHack on the Palm TX - Review

One of my old favorites is back, and it works on Palm OS 5 without HackMaster or X-Master.
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Sat - July 29, 2006

PrintBoy on the Palm TX - Review

What a great idea! Printing directly from your Palm through IR, Bluetooth, or WiFi. Pity it doesn't play nice with an Apple AirPort Extreme.
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Sat - July 22, 2006

Palmary Clock on the Palm TX Review

When I found that BigClock wouldn't work with the alarms from TechSounds, I started looking for a more flexible clock program.
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TechSounds 5 on the Palm TX Review

TechSounds is one of the reasons why I waited so long before upgrading my Palm. A Palm just isn't a Palm unless it makes computer sounds. What is the point of having a handheld computer that didn't make occasionally annoying noises?

I should know, I have been using TechSounds since it was TrekSounds on my Palm IIIxe. I used TechSounds (with TechScreen) on my m515. I didn't want to upgrade until I had a Palm OS5 version.
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PhoneMagic on the TX Review

This reliable program works just fine on a Palm TX. But there are at least two things I wish it could do.
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Mon - July 10, 2006

Palm software - backup

Palm doesn't make a backup card that will work on their newer devices like the TX. That means third party solutions and an existing expansion card.
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Palm Software - Some Desk Accessories

Way back in the with the first Macintosh computers, Desk Accessories were very small specialized programs that you could launch without having to exit the main application. So if you were in a word processor and you needed some quick calculations, you could call up the calculator, punch in a few numbers, and copy/paste the result in your document. These were the early days of Macintosh when memory and storage were at a premium and the OS was not multithreaded. Well, it looks like some programers have borrowed that idea for the Palm platform, which isn't multithreaded yet.
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Palm TX software - Phone lookup programs

As I have been looking at software for my new Palm, one of the things that has struck me is how information that is free or at a small cost on the internet proper requires extra cash on a PDA or mobile phone. Nowhere is that more obvious than in programs that do reverse phone look-up.
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Sat - June 3, 2006

Highway Manager - Wish List

I've been looking for a decent Palm milage program that let me get to the information on my Macintosh. Not everyone has or even wants a Windows machine, but milage information for deductions is just as important to the rest of us.
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Fri - April 7, 2006


Boot Camp and Parallels Workstation come to Macintosh, making multiple operating systems a practical reality.

Apple just jumped ahead of Microsoft in mindshare. Again.
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Sat - January 7, 2006

Replacing Palm Desktop for Macintosh

No doubt about it, Palm Desktop for Macintosh is getting a little long in the tooth these days. Now that I am thinking about about a Treo 700p when they are available, it's time for me to start looking at the alternatives.

Of course the obvious choice is Apple's Address Book and iCal, packaged with OS X. Thanks to iSync, it's supposed to be a breeze to use with practically any device. The drawback kept me from jumping before, there is no way to get to the memos kept on the Palm unless they are attached to an contact or a calendar item. But that was a few years ago and it is time to see what has changed.
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Fri - January 6, 2006

Automatically Mac

One of the things that I used to have Domo iMac and Kvasir Powerbook do was SETI@Home. This was a project using distributed computing to analyze radio telescope signals to look for intelligent life "out there." Well, the SETI@Home project has long since run out of funding and is being folded into a distributed computing project called Berkley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. It's still a good idea, but I hate their Mac client. So until I get things working to my satisfaction again, I need to automate my computer so it is not on all the time.
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Wed - December 28, 2005

Adding to the Treo software wish list

I've been scanning the web looking for software that could make the Treo even more geekier. Here are some of the ones I have found so far.
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Sat - December 10, 2005

Garage Band

There were three reasons why I bought MaCei.

One, OS 9 software was getting a little dated. It was getting harder and harder to find things that would work.

Two, I wanted an iPod to carry my music library with me and it was difficult to get an iPod to syncronize with my iMac at the time.

And three, Garage Band.
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Software Wishlist for Treo 700p

Fortunately I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Treo 700p when it finally hits the market next year and I can do some planning around it. There are some things that Palm didn't include as part of the software, some serious goofs, and some things I would like to have.

For the most part, my favorite Palm software works on the Treo 600 and 650, which means it should work on the 700p.
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Favorite Palm Software - Updated

One of Palm's strengths has always been it's third party software. There is a ton of stuff out there and most of it works pretty well. There are some exceptions but I won't go into those here. These are the proven winners and these programs will help you get the most out of your Palm.
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