Posted on Sat - December 10, 2005

Software Wishlist for Treo 700p

Fortunately I have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Treo 700p when it finally hits the market next year and I can do some planning around it. There are some things that Palm didn't include as part of the software, some serious goofs, and some things I would like to have.

For the most part, my favorite Palm software works on the Treo 600 and 650, which means it should work on the 700p.

One of the big goofs is that Palm didn't include any way to customize or assign ringtones. Ringo Pro seems to solve that one without difficulty. Since I already collect sound effects, I think I can come up with some very interesting ring tones with no great difficulty.

BugMe! also from Electric Pocket looks like a great update to the notepad, but with the additional ability to import screenshots and other pictures.

Then there is PalmaryClock which is in the running right now to replace BigClock. With the ability to track weather for multiple locations and currency conversions (which I don't really need), it looks like a strong contender.

Although I don't do as much travel as I used to, WorldMate Professional Edition does make a strong showing.

I am looking very seriously at a voice memo application, and so far Personal Audio Recorder from Toysoft Development looks pretty good.

Also from Toysoft Development, BuzzOff looks pretty good as a call screener. And I know I shouldn't, but FakeCall looks like it could be handy.

Have I mentioned that I find cell phones incredibly annoying and the only reason I am thinking about one is because I want something integrated with my Palm address book and for when I really need it?

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