Posted on Fri - April 7, 2006


Boot Camp and Parallels Workstation come to Macintosh, making multiple operating systems a practical reality.

Apple just jumped ahead of Microsoft in mindshare. Again.

Two of the most exciting products that I have seen yet hit this week, although only in beta form.

The first was Parallels Workstation, which lets a Mac Intel user run multiple operating systems on their Mac at the same time, limited only by memory and processor capacity. It is a virutual machine and is supposed to run at near native speeds. There is a great writeup here. Windows, Linux, Mac, even DOS all on one machine capable of moving from environment to environment.

But the second one is the drooler, simply because it is made by Apple itself. Boot Camp lets you create a dual boot machine, with Mac OS 10.4 and Windows XP. It's beta now, but the capability will be included in the Macintosh OS from here on out.

Which means that there are relatively easy ways to fit the new Macintoshes into almost any computing environment from here on out. This isn't vaporware, it's two products that are shipping.

How long do you think it will be before Microsoft builds Macintosh capability into Vista?

If indeed they can.

Embrace the Mac Side.

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