Posted on Sat - July 22, 2006

TechSounds 5 on the Palm TX Review

TechSounds is one of the reasons why I waited so long before upgrading my Palm. A Palm just isn't a Palm unless it makes computer sounds. What is the point of having a handheld computer that didn't make occasionally annoying noises?

I should know, I have been using TechSounds since it was TrekSounds on my Palm IIIxe. I used TechSounds (with TechScreen) on my m515. I didn't want to upgrade until I had a Palm OS5 version.

So now I have a TechSounds version that works with the TX, and what do I think?

Most of my favorite sounds are still there, only more true to the original sounds they were taken from. And of course, I can now add almost any sound I can find or create on my Macintoshes.

I love that that you can adjust the volume of each individual sound effect.

I don't like that sounds don't seem quite as loud, although that might be a hardware limitation on the TX. I used to use an earlier version of the Ship's Whistle as an alarm on my m515 to wake me up. That won't work with this set up, I will have to do some thinking about it.

And I don't like that some programs use their own alarm scheme as conflict with a TechSounds alarm, although that isn't Ecamm's fault. Their site lists World Clock (built in) and Agendus. I can add Big Clock and Palmary Clock to that list.

Overall though, it is still a great program. And it gets noticed in the crowd.

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