Posted on Sat - January 7, 2006

Replacing Palm Desktop for Macintosh

No doubt about it, Palm Desktop for Macintosh is getting a little long in the tooth these days. Now that I am thinking about about a Treo 700p when they are available, it's time for me to start looking at the alternatives.

Of course the obvious choice is Apple's Address Book and iCal, packaged with OS X. Thanks to iSync, it's supposed to be a breeze to use with practically any device. The drawback kept me from jumping before, there is no way to get to the memos kept on the Palm unless they are attached to an contact or a calendar item. But that was a few years ago and it is time to see what has changed.

Enter Mark/Space's The Missing Sync. Not only does this version do memos, but it lets you keep that second address field, but it has a whole host of other features that I really like the looks of. Conduits are all important when dealing with Palm devices, and from what I understand TMS works better than either Palm or Apple.

While this would get the information on to my computers, it just isn't flexible enough on the desktop side of things. And that may be where Marketcircle's DayLite may come in. I had a chance recently to play with this and I will tell you, I am seriously impressed. The integration with Mail, Address Book, and iCal are all pluses, as is the Palm connectivity.

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