Mon - April 12, 2010

Address book changes

Success comes with experiments
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Domestic, esoteric, and business

Moving to three accounts on two computers and an iPad
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Thu - March 25, 2010

Tracking meetings and phone calls

K.I.S.S. really works here. That, and NOT using a separate application
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Wed - March 24, 2010

Poking around and organizing (Republish)

Calming rituals in my sanctum
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Where did I stick that? (Republish)

Organizing my books
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Tue - March 23, 2010

Dead Tree File Tips - slightly updated

More organizing to tame the paper
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Tue - December 22, 2009

Address Book tags

A long list but very useful
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Updating contact templates

The good kind of profiling
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Thu - January 22, 2009

More on contacts, Apple's Address Book, and Palm OS 5

Dead people and dead tress. Mostly.
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Tue - January 6, 2009

David Pogue cellphones in 2009

Funny and practical stuff
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Mon - January 14, 2008

Apple Flakes

Examining the reasons for my iBook crashes
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Wed - January 2, 2008

Schedule Software - Updated

Thoughts on Apple's iCal
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Wed - December 26, 2007

Contact Software - Updated

Thoughts after using Apple's Address Book
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Tue - December 26, 2006

iBlog custom style sheets

Can't believe I forgot to mention this. iBlog 1.x saves custom style sheets in .sxml format rather than .css format. The workaround is simple.
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Sat - July 22, 2006

Alarm Sounds

For years I have depended on my Palm to wake me up. Playing with Tech Sounds though, and it seemed like the sounds didn't have enough "oomph" to penetrate my sleep addled brain. The Ship's Whistle, so distinctive on my m515, wouldn't twitch an eye on TiXi. So I have had to experiment.
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Thu - May 11, 2006

Turbocharge your contact software

I've got a minor case of Asperger's Syndrome. It's not a big deal, but it does mean I tend to obsess easily and unless I really pay attention, I forget the social niceties and the things that are important to other people. So, I developed ways to compensate, and that started with my Rolodex and Daytimer. These days I use a Palm, but the ideas remain the same. With a little bit of effort and discipline, you can make yourself look good by keeping information at your fingertips.
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Sat - April 29, 2006

Business memos in the date book

I use DateBk5 as my central Palm application, this is where I keep all my information. Of course I have DateBk5 set to integrate my To Do list into one display. With PhoneMagic, I can put brackets <> around contact names so I can instantly call up contact info without exiting DateBk5. But that is only part of my bag of tricks. With a little bit of effort, I can link memos and emails so they are accessible from the DateBk5 application.
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Sat - January 21, 2006

Securing your thumb drive

No doubt about it, thumb drives are one of the easiest ways yet to do a sneakernet. Beats the heck out of floppies. Until I get a Bluetooth Palm with a big memory card, it's the easiest I'll have access to.

This is one of those tricks that I thought everyone knew, but someone saw me do it and was amazed.

The problem with a thumb drive is that any computer that can recognize it can also access the files on it. But there is an easy fix, at least on a Macintosh running OS X.
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Fri - January 20, 2006

Another Palm trick

I'm not sure about the new OS devices, but Palms running 4.x and below are restricted on the number of categories they can have. The desktop software has no restriction and on the Mac side at least allows for two categories per entry. The question is how do you work around this distinction?
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Wed - January 18, 2006

Making the most of your Palm - Revised

By now you know I use DateBk5 and PhoneMagic. Here are a few tips to capitalize on how these programs work together.
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