Posted on Thu - March 25, 2010

Tracking meetings and phone calls

K.I.S.S. really works here. That, and NOT using a separate application

Going back to the days with my Daytimer, I've tried to keep the paper storm to a minimum. I'd stick in one page for each phone call or meeting. Often I could use one page for multiple calls.

Working with organizer programs like iCal, it's gotten even easier. Although I am not real fond of the window changes made in version 3.

Each meeting or phone call is an event. Location and attendees are obvious. That covers who and where. In notes I put what was discussed, what was decided, who is going to do what, and how we will measure success.

It's simple, it's brief, and I know where the calendar program is. I can view it on my sanctum Mac, my laptop, or my Palm.

In the unlikely event I need a paper copy, I copy/paste to a separate document and print that.

My rule of thumb is that anything I print, chances are the client is going to see it. They don't need to see the rest of my calendar for the day, which is likely to include my esoteric practices and other things I'd like to keep private.

Some clients love printed meeting agendas, these are well and good but they aren't the format I'm used to. I write "see iCal entry" on my copy and file it in the company folder.

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