Posted on Fri - January 20, 2006

Another Palm trick

I'm not sure about the new OS devices, but Palms running 4.x and below are restricted on the number of categories they can have. The desktop software has no restriction and on the Mac side at least allows for two categories per entry. The question is how do you work around this distinction?

The answer is pretty simple, get used to the idea of primary and secondary categories.

Try to use the same primary categories from application to application, it makes it easier to keep organized. And remember that secondaries are divisions within the primaries. Chances are you won't use all sixteen slots for all applications, but there will be some applications that have special primaries.

Just to make things easy, I start all my primary category names with a punctuation symbol. Here's a list from mine.

*Bless List

~US Holidays

The second group are still primaries, but they are used only in the datebook. Things like *Lost and *Sentinal won't need to be in my datebook, so I have slots for other date categories. *Computers has several subcategories, including Macintosh, Palm, General, Web Design, and so on. *Interests includes my WATCH LIST (the troublesome people I like to keep track of), Libertarian/Government, and Sexual among others. Friends/Family includes Close Relatives, Distant Relatives, MyFriends, FriendsOfFolks (people I know through my relatives), Bedmates, and so on. P&W stands for Pagan & Webtree, and has several categories under that.

The first category is ALWAYS my primary, and since all my primaries have a punctuation mark before the word, I can see at a glance if something may be wrong. This used to happen fairly often before I got McDuff, so I just developed the habit. It also puts the primaries at the top of the list in Palm Desktop for Macintosh.

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