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Address Book tags

A long list but very useful

With the number of contacts I have, the easiest way to track them that I have found is tags. In the note section, I put the word tags with a colon and follow with all that I think applies. There's one with fourteen or so, most of the others have between two and seven.

Here's my current master tag file with a couple of edits to protect privacy. I've semi-organized the tags. My mother and I share some parts of our address books, so there is some overlap and it's necessary for her to have a separate tag code.

Master "tags" for Address Book

Mom's are labeled "tagz"

Bless Social Entertaining
Facebook LiveJournal Yahoo!Groups

Libertarian libertarian anarchist @ka
liberty free thinker Constitutionalist
Minarchist Jeffersonian Republican
Voluntaryist Objectivist Classical Liberal
Laissez-Faire Austrian School
Natural Law Paleo-Conservative
Modern Libertal Progressive

straight lesbian gay bisexual
pansexual kinky

Staff >edited material<
KnowFromWork JOB (just over broke)

Client Design Consult
Printing Outsource Writing
Text Type Graphics
Stationary Business Card Calligraphy
Invitations Announcements Letterhead
Presentation Sign

life hacks Productivity Organization
Getting Things Done GTD
Studies Achievement Motivational Hill

Charity Business Church
grocery pharmacy locksmith
electrician plumber appliance
Hotel motel lodging
Bank ATM >edited material<
Taxi Car Rental Entertainment
TV movie theatre gallery
Airline Travel Tours Charter
Restaurant FastFood sushi
Mexican Italian Pizza Chinese
Thai Western BBQ American
Breakfast Lunch Dinner Takeout Delivery

neighbor borrowing lending

Computers Macintosh Palm Windows
email reference answers
iPhone iTouch iPod cellphone
Software internet ISP

Shopping music
Audio instruments TopPix

pen gadget toys readers
Supplier Books Tools
Knives knife multitool
Survival Outdoors Camping
Paracord Army/Navy stores
auto cars hardware flashlight
batteries bandanna ritual
scientific lab equipment canisters
jars test tubes kitchen

vegan vegetarian
carnivore omnivore

style buckle belt personal grooming
clothing supplements accessories
flair jewelry

designer decorator futon
library office study lounge
gifts furniture

blogroll webmaster website
banner banners/badges webhost

economy economics

P&W Webtree Christian
art tree of life ToL
Mythological Streghe Wiccan
Roman Catholic Polytheist
Born Again Christian
Bible Believing Christian
Zen Buddhist Pastafarian
Shinto Taoist Natural Law
Science/Math/Logic Odinist
heathen Asatru Muslim Islam
Hebrew Jew Discordian
spiritual not religious agnostic
Methodist Presbyterian Baptist
Assemblies of God atheist

Swords armor medieval
fantasy costumes garb

Government legal
taxpayers taxes rating
AZCongress congresscritter


Befores BlogBefores
Bone (kinship)
Heart (manifest love but not related)
Deed (action)
Spirit (moves me from faith to deed)

Family (Mom use only)
replaces Family, includes adoptive and
Step and marriage. I have not met them
BloodKin replaces Close Family directly related
by blood that I know and have spent time with
BoneKin deceased direct relatives
clan means they have the same obligation from
me as Kinship but there is no familial connection
Guest have kinship right as long as they are in
my house
>edited material<

sexual masturbation lingerie

Weekly News Alerts
Comprehenisve Daily Alerts
Comprehensive Weekly Alerts
Comprehensive Alerts
Daily Comprehensive Alerts
News Alerts

Now remember, these tags cover companies and people. Using tags lets me sort very quickly. Shopping for example gives me about 600 in a list, but sexual shopping only has about 90 items or so.

The sexuality and religion tags are always iffy, but mostly that is what people use to describe themselves in their profile.

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