Posted on Mon - April 12, 2010

Address book changes

Success comes with experiments

For the most part, I'm pretty happy with how Address Book on my iMac works with Contacts on my iPad.

There were some adjustments I had to make though.

My faith means that I track information on some of those who have passed. I used to do this by adding a backslash and the word "deceased" to the last name like Robert Heinlein\deceased, however, the backslash is a reserved character for MobileMe syncing and it doesn't show up on the iPad. I fixed this by using a bullet instead, but I've only changed some of the names so far. So now it shows like Robert Heinlein•deceased.

Back when I still worried about working around the limitations in Palm's operating system, I combined the mailing address and physical address of my contacts. Well, this plays heck with Maps on the iPad. Also with the link to Google Maps in Address Book, but I hardly ever used that. So I had to split off all the post office box addresses. Again, this is something I am still doing, but I really like the results so far.

I love having multiple web addys on contacts. This lets me pull stuff away from my bookmarks in Safari and still let me search. For example, if I punch in dragon as a search term in Address Book, it brings up this card (among others).

Now I've had my eye on that dragon torchiere lamp for above my drawing table for a while. This way I can keep track of the address without cluttering up my Safari bookmarks. By putting the words dragon torchiere in a people field, I've made those terms searchable.

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