Mon - April 12, 2010

iPad screenshots

See what my blogs look like on an iPad
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Sat - April 10, 2010

The Neo iPad Review

Share with your friends
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Mon - March 8, 2010


The floor becomes a pool
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Thu - March 4, 2010

Things you might have to teach your client - part two

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Things you might have to teach your client

First in a series, unfortunately
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Sun - October 4, 2009

Light transmitting concrete

You have to see to believe
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Mon - September 14, 2009

Ahead of my time

Thinking about thumbails
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Wed - April 1, 2009

April Foolin'

Indulging my inner Coyote to play
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Sat - February 14, 2009

The Chronophage on the Corpus Clock

Wow. It looks like steampunk, but it's even better!
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Tue - November 4, 2008

Technology Disruptions

Important ideas I want to keep track of
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Tue - July 29, 2008

Niche market for professional design and printing

Still a place for quality work
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Sun - July 27, 2008

"Solar Dish Hot Enough to Melt Steel"

Can you hear me drooling? Another for the "I want one" file
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"How we built a iPhone App"

Another look at design
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Tue - June 24, 2008

New Calling Card

After I finished a business card for my design company, I decided to knock out a calling card for my esoteric and blogging activities as well. UPDATED to fix iPhoto bug.
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Designing the message

Grabbing attention in a hurry UPDATED to fix iPhoto bug.
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Tue - December 4, 2007


Amazing designs
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Fri - November 30, 2007

Customizing Segways

Visiting the Segway Junkyard site
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Tue - November 27, 2007

Selections from the Nerd Handbook regarding the "Cave"

In which Neo reluctantly admits that he does fit at least one definition of a nerd. He does indeed have a Cave. Specifically designed and built no less.
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Mon - November 19, 2007

Pagan Web Colors

Nice article from Colors of Religion series
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Mon - November 5, 2007

Counter appliances for the well heeled

Courtesy of Popular Science, 24 ways to blow loads of cash
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Tue - October 30, 2007

High end design to show off Apple

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Tue - July 31, 2007

Where's the knob?

New take on an old situation
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Sun - July 29, 2007

Design revamp

Highlight the best classic elements and compliment those
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Mon - June 25, 2007

Two home theatres in one - updated

Great piece of design that makes the room work in both circumstaces
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Fri - June 15, 2007

Steampunk scanner - updated

Nice retrofit
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Sat - June 9, 2007

Cat camera - updated

Worn on the collar to show you where your cat has been
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Mon - May 14, 2007

Coffee casino table - updated

Interesting. Bet there would be a big market for this in the US
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Sat - May 5, 2007

Computer deskspaces of the future

Great designs
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Tue - March 6, 2007

Star Trek Voyager Aparment - updated

Taking fandom just about six steps too far
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Fri - December 29, 2006

Old fireplace idea gets new life

I just ran across something I never knew before. I knew that fireplaces had to have a different design in cold places where they were the only source of heat, I just never knew what the design was. This is an old technology that shows every sign of being a classic.
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Sun - December 24, 2006

Graphic design evolution - Updated Yet Again

I thought I would take some time and show how the Technopagan Yearnings banner has changed over time and as I got more experience and better tools. Mind you, the original TPY was pre-blog, and all the pages were hand coded by me.
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Thu - December 14, 2006

Fantastic piece of design

Amazing video at this site. You have to see this furniture to believe it.
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Thu - March 2, 2006


This may look like a flying whale, but it has possibilities.
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Fri - January 27, 2006


I was channel surfing and came across something VERY interesting. A paper house.
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Mon - December 5, 2005

Computers and Cars

I've long thought that the computer industry is going through many of the same changes that the auto industry went through years ago.
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