Posted on Tue - July 29, 2008

Niche market for professional design and printing

Still a place for quality work

Wow, another great idea.

The San Francisco-based, which will officially launch Monday, is aiming to personalize the $10 billion annual printed stationary market with do-it-yourself design sourced from the Web. The company is appealing to the professional design community to create high-end graphics for its site, which it can then resell to shoppers looking for wedding invitations, birth announcements and other special-occasion cards. The business model is known as "crowd-sourcing."

"When I thought about the ability to source sophisticated designs from hundreds of thousands of designers around the world, and print them on high quality paper, I thought it would be a killer application for crowd-sourcing," said Mariam Naficy, the founder of, who also started the makeup retailer during the dot-com heyday.

My own design business has a business card line where I design the business cards and subcontract out the printing. It's not a big seller, but it is steady. Of course my MemeCards help sell the idea (pun intended).

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