Posted on Sat - April 10, 2010

The Neo iPad Review

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Yep, it's a game changer.

I had no problems getting my iPad to work out of the box.

This is a gadget that wants to be held.

The Safari browser is one of the fastest and most responsive I've ever used. Except for the Flash stuff (obviously), everything renders quickly and easily. No tabs, which will take some getting used to, although there are the thumbnails. Make no mistake, this looks gorgeous. There is simply no other word for it. Even my blog pages look good.

If I had a nitpick with Safari, it's a minor one. I'd love the ability to email web addys. Not because I'm one of those people who mails stuff to a hundred and fifty of my nearest and dearest every three hours, but because I would occasionally like sending links to my friends and family. Also myself when I am blogging under my NeoWayland identity.

The App Store is marvelous, and if you are not careful you can blow a ton of money there. I'm not thrilled with inputting your password every fifteen minutes or so, but I can understand the reasoning.

Videos, I love them. I use an old EyeTV to record programs I want to see, and between the two the programs happen when I want them.

Fun trick with Safari, Photos, Videos, or anything else with lots of pictures. Show it to your friends. then turn it 90 degrees, then 90 degrees again.

I love the Contacts, although I want to keep calling it the Address Book.

Yep, almost everything about the iPad is amazing.

Which makes the iPad's lacks all the worse.

For all of it's vaunted ability to use iWorks documents, getting them back and forth between your computer and your iPad is a major major mess. This may be fixed with the iPhone OS 4.0 and the new file system, but right now it's practically useless.

Who ever heard of a planner organizer without To Do's or Tasks or whatever you want to call them? That takes easily 60% of the calendar's functionality away for me. And yes, I know there is a workaround in Mail, but that is precisely what it is, a workaround. It's clumsy, non-intuitive, and doesn't link well between the iPad and your computer.

Speaking of calendars, on the desktop side there is apparently no way to use Apple's Bonjour technology to share calendar's without a third party solution (I'm experimenting with BusyCal). I don't want to publish my calendars on MobileMe, I want to control who has access to them. Apple does this with the Address Book and with music and photos, but not with calendars.

Notes. Fail. I have about 1500 notes. I'm looking at Mark/Space for a solution.

Password control is going to be hard on any mobile device, but my old reliable PasswordWallet is working so far. As a bonus, PasswordWallet can be synced over MobileMe and even between accoounts on the same computer.

Now I will admit that some of my difficulties come because I am redoing my work flow. I've got three sets of addresses and three sets of calendars spread over two computers and an iPad. But when it comes to calendars and notes, Apple is making it difficult.

I'll never use my iPad for in depth writing or design work. But as a living room computer, it works great.

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