Posted on Sun - December 24, 2006

Graphic design evolution - Updated Yet Again

I thought I would take some time and show how the Technopagan Yearnings banner has changed over time and as I got more experience and better tools. Mind you, the original TPY was pre-blog, and all the pages were hand coded by me.

This is actually the third version of the TPY banner, although the first that used anything other than straight text and plain color backgrounds. I didn't have TypeStyler so it is all done in tables. There are three graphics, the green smoke for the border, the blue, and the text which I created in AppleWorks.

This is I think the fifth version, and it appeared on a sort of control panel. It's a bit bigger because it was meant to draw your attention.

This was part of a placeholder that I put up while I got my life in order and rethought what I wanted to do with the website. Honestly, the site was way too much work to keep up by hand, even if I did use modular design. Notice that we have textured letters here and that the text elements are fairly close to what we have today. I used Typestyler here.

This is the first blog incarnation, it was designed to sort of blend into a green background in the banner part of the page. I write about that design here.

This one is almost right, the problem is that web addy looks wrong almost anywhere I put it because the title text is not symmetrical.

So enter this version. I take advantage of the asymmetry and make the web addy more noticeable while enhancing the look of the title itself. At this point this is the "final" version, but we will see.

Okay, new "final" version. The other one didn't look quite right. Still not sure if I like this one or the previous one more.

That's how it works in design. Sometimes the last ten percent is just as hard as the previous ninety percent was, and you are never quite sure if you tweaked too far.

Updated Again - 30 December, 2006:

This one is close to perfect. I really like the looks and the way that the letters nestle up next to each other. My biggest problem is the size, it is freakin' big.

Is this the last and absolutely final design? Only until I think of something else. Maybe. *grin*

Like this, which is finally down to a decent size.

I may go with this one. There is a nice contrast between the letters and the background and it is not overwhelming. My biggest problem with it is that the letters have a different "feel" and it doesn't seem like it fits.

Here we go again. Only two real changes in this one, the corner web addy ribbon and the background is slightly softened, which also takes away some of the green from the conversion to GIF. Other than the size, I think this is my best so far.

I can't say why, but this last one looks the most "professional" to me.

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