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Kinda Sorta EDC

I don’t do the full EDC thing. I’m fascinated by the idea of a utility belt, but most of the time it’s too much to keep up with.

I’m down to three cases on my belt.

One is a large
Personal Carry Case from County Comm. It carries a pair of nitrile gloves and a cheap Tracfone. Yes, the case is hard to open, but I hate using a phone these days. I usually answer with a Bluetooth headset. And when I dial, I use Google Voice on my iPod touch.

Don’t get me started on smartphones.

The second case is a standard
Leatherman Charge sheath. It holds my Leatherman Charge (no TI, AL, ALX, TTI, or XTI). One side holds a Maglite LED Solitaire and the other side holds a space pen. Yes, I know there are some quality issues with the LED Solitaire, but it’s done the job so far. BTW, Colorado Pen sells great ink cartridges in some amazing colors for almost every pen.

Third is a
Maratac lighter case from County Comm. This one holds a Stanley three foot retractable tape and a magnifying glass. Sometimes my eyes don’t focus so well on small print or fine details these days.

The last month or so I’ve been wearing these cases in the small of my back. It seems to work much better.

When I need it, I add a small sheath for my mini-Maglite, some forceps, a large pair of bentnose tweezers, and a small pair of electricians shears. On a regular pair of slacks this fits on the right hand side, with my overalls this whole sheath slides down the seventh pocket. But I never wear the overalls outside the house.
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