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Speaking of keys - Utility Belt Part 2

This is from the previous version of tecknologi.
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I've tried a lot of key holders over the years. The obvious solution is to keep them on your belt. Of all the types I have tried, three worked pretty well.

Of course there is the old standby, the leather strap thing over your belt with a hook for your keys. It does work pretty well, but the strap wears out after a year or so.

There is the retracting chain, also known as the "zirp-zirp." Get too many keys and it also wears out after a while and the chain won't retract.

Then there was a spring steel thing that worked OK until it got bent out of shape.

I had pretty much resigned myself to replacing the leather strap type every year or so, and then I found something different.

When I saw this, I knew I had found something that would work.

Stainless steel, it was not going to get damaged easily.

Quick release button makes perfect sense.

And up to three keychains meant I could organize my keys into home, work, and car. It also meant less trouble when I left keys at the garage to have my car fixed.

This tool just works so much better than anything else I have tried.

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