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One favorite iOS apps is LunaSolCal from Volker Voecking Software Engineering. There's also an Android app.

As a pagan, I use it to give audio alarms for sunrise, solar noon, sunset, the bright Moon, the dark Moon, the solstices and the equinoxes. It's useful and does exactly what it says.

There is one glitch. Although I use it all the time, it's an audio cue and I don't take it out to swipe it every time. After a few days of not swiping, the alarms quit going off. The solution is to open the app, go into alarms, select an alarm, and then reselect the sound.

There is a problem, although I doubt that it affects most of the rest of the World.

Time in northern Arizona is
complicated. Technically Arizona does not do Daylight Savings Time. But the Navajo Reservation does, mainly because it spans four states. The Hopi Reservation does not do Daylight Savings Time, but it's surrounded by the Navajo Reservation.

Now to make things even more interesting, the Arizona Strip in northwestern Arizona is cut off from the rest of the state. The only way to reach it is to drive into Utah (which does do Daylight Savings Time) and drop back into Arizona. Across the western border of the Arizona Strip is Nevada, which also does Daylight Savings Time.


None of this would matter except the time that LunaSolCal
displays is not necessarily my local time. So I set it to use GMT and use it mainly as an audio cue. This isn't an issue that VVSE could be reasonably expected to anticipate. I expect it might take some unusual juggling of the code to make it work and it would only benefit a small portion of the planet. So I can live with the problem and my workaround.

VVSE isn't the only one who didn't anticipate the problem. You should see what happens to cell phones depending on if the cell tower is located in Arizona, the Navajo Reservation, the Hopi Reservation, Utah, or Nevada.

There are a couple of wishes I have.

It would be nice to recognize the cross-quarter days too, those days midway between the solstice and equinox or the equinox and the solstice.

And it would be nice if I could use some of my installed ringtones as sound effects.

All in all a good product and worth the money.

Green smoke

So it's time to put the green smoke back on the shelf.


Revised TPY sidebars

Some things about RapidWeaver can make you lazy.



I put up redirect pages for this site as well. Not quite as many as TPY, but I did cover all the categories.

UPDATE - I moved the shortcut list to a specialized page. You can find it under the
tekn navigation tab.

Homemade playdough

I admit, I stole this idea from a Harry Dresden novel. But ole Harry used commercially prepared Play-doh. The homemade stuff means you can customize with colors, plant cuttings, blood, and essential oils for the purpose. —NW


Sloppy seconds

Yeah, stuff changed.

Keeping to my sloppy notebook model, I lost the drop down menus and put everything across the top. There may be more later.

Site news is now a tag.


Utility knife

It used to be made by Sheffield, now it's made by Great Neck Saw.

GreatNeck 12119 Quick Change Lockback Knife

Bar none the best utility knife handle I've ever owned. Of course it takes standard utility blades. Even with a clip the handle fits my hand very well. It almost makes you forget that it's only a utility knife.

Apple Siri


Apple’s spell check in both Mac OS and iOS


Lexicon sidebar

For my own reference.


Maglite Mini extras

These are some items that I found that made my Maglite Mini tremendously useful over the years. Yes, I know the Maglite Mini doesn't do the stobe, selective intensity, and tons of other neat things. But the Maglite Mini was my first pocket flashlight that was worth anything.

I am a loyal customer when you do more than I expect. Even thirty years later.

Nite Ize NPO-03-01 Headband/Hands-Free Flashlight Holder

Wraps around your head with an elastic loop for the light. Really cheap but mine has lasted a long time. Very, very handy.

Maglite Mini AA Flashlight Accessory Pack

I never found the lanyard much use, but the clip and the different color lenses, that was handy. The lens holder tends to slip off, but a dab of rubber cement fixes that.

Nite Ize LUC2-07 L.E.D. Combo Kit

My original Maglite Mini was incedescent. Great flashlight but it ate batteries. I converted it when I could. I've bought 2 or 3 other Maglite Mini lights since then, but they were LED to start with.

Pagan Vigil LibraryThing

For my own reference.


Humans remember differently

I should have thought of this years ago.

Computers are dumb.
Really dumb. Sometimes websites are even more dumb.

RapidWeaver puts a file structure that is consistant, but people won't remember that.

Technopagan Yearnings has a category about sex. No, it's not what you think, it's basically what I, a nekid pagan guy, thinks about sexual behavior and assumptions in the modern world. Well, the actual category page is at this addy.

But who is going to remember files/category-sex?

So I'm putting in redirect pages, about forty or so for that site. Now this one works and people will remember it more.

I bet you'll remember it.


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A no-frills blog covering some things that make 21st Century life so exciting. Think of it as a messy notebook that I keep for myself on all sorts of topics. It's really intended for my personal use, but sometimes I explain as I go along.

My passion is for Macintosh and other Apple products, but I will use others as needed.

If my notes and experiences can help or amuse you, so much the better.


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