Posted on Wed - October 22, 2008

Buckypapers and self-assembling chips

Recent nanotech

I've got two nano-tech related items I want to list.

Ultra-tough buckypapers.
"The devices, which are reportedly involved in a long-term undercover relationship with those buckyballs you discussed in 10th grade chemistry class, are ridiculously tough (albeit lightweight) sheets of matter made from intertwined carbon nanotubes. Put simply, these composites could see uses in making more efficient heat sinks, lighter background illumination material for displays and (at least in theory) transportation of the future."

Self-Assembling chips.
"...this little logic circuit is made from organic molecules that lined themselves up to form 300 transistors, without the need for machine production. This kind of chip-in-a-test-tube approach to creating semiconductors, demonstrated as effective for the first time by Philips Research, could cause a big leap towards cheaper, more flexible electronics..."

Slow steps first, cascade later.

I can hardly wait.

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