Posted on Sun - September 13, 2009

Too smart for a beginner, not smart enough for an expert

It took longer than I thought to get teknologi set up with a custom domain name on MobileMe, For anyone who's interested, here's what it took.

The first step is to use iWeb '08 (presumably '09 works as well) to create and publish a web page. This creates the iDisk/Web and iDisk/Web/Sites folder. MobileMe uses CNAME to call up iDisk/Web/Sites/index.html. So once the folders were there on my iDisk, I trashed everything in Sites and put up my own content.

That was the easy bit.

The instructions from Apple were accurate as far as they went.

The instructions from Network Solutions were accurate as far as they went.

What neither of them told you was that the A Name had to be deleted before you could enter a CNAME.

Fortunately, eventually I stumbled across something from TypePad which pointed me in the right direction.

So officially, works the way I want it to, and I am slowly getting all the other feeds fixed from my Dot Mac files to the new domain.

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