Posted on Sun - December 17, 2006

Getting Amazon iframes working

Going for a better look while providing more information for my readers. Another of those notes to myself.

In this review, I used something other than a text link for the first time.

Amazon uses the iframe tag to provide up to the minute price and availability information. Which is great, but it takes some tweaking to get it to work in one of my blogs.

There were two problems, I wanted text to flow around the iframe and I didn't want my text right up next to the iframe.

A simple align = "left" inserted into Amazon's code before the closing bracket took care of the text flow problem, but then my text was right up against the iframe and it didn't look good.

After some research and experimenting, I found that padding:10px; right after the height definition worked for the rest.

It would be real nice if Amazon provided some guidelines or something.

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