Posted on Sat - December 17, 2005

My RSS Journey

When I uploaded the Pagan•Vigil entries this morning, the index page wouldn't fully load into the browser. And since the laws of situational vortices applied, I found two or three other problems.

On the up side, I found that the the "Recent Comments" and the RSS feed preview from the other blog were what was causing the mysterious side bar resizing.

The Feed to Java Script server is down and may not be back up for more than a week considering that it is the week before Christmas.

The short term solution is simple, just reload the blogs with that part of the navigation bar turned off. I went ahead and broke the link section into two parts, links and Neoblogs, and then turned the links back on.

In Technopagan Yearnings, I went ahead and turned off the links. I will break that one up later and turn on the regular links in the morning.

The long term solution is going to be more complicated, I can't have the sites refusing to load if the content isn't there.

I think my best solution is an iframe, but I don't understand them fully yet. I guess I get to experiment over the next few days. My big concern is if I can maintain formating for each site. My goal is that it just won't show anything instead of goofing up my page loads.

There are some other issues too. Build 1.46 of iBlog adds some formatting for iTunes stuff, which I don't need and which validators don't like. So I am going to have to work around that I guess and edit the template.

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