Posted on Wed - November 23, 2005

Technopagan Yearnings Banner - Updated

This turned out much more complicated than I thought. First, for some reason I couldn't transfer the fonts from Domo. I could find versions of Mephisto and Final Frontier on the web, but all three Kells fonts were expensive ($20 bucks each). I finally found the original foundry (P22) and paid $30 for the set.

You can't use all the embossing or other 3-D effects without careful planning because that creates off-white space around the letters. For Pagan•Vigil, that was part of the effect. For teknologi, I didn't use the 3-D effects because I played with the shapes.

But the real killer was matching that blasted green.

TypeStyler is a Classic program, iBlog is an OS X program. TypeStyler has it's own color management scheme, iBlog hands off to the OS. Neither lets you specify HTML color codes. The only color language that you can match between the two is CMYK.

So I ended up in the Mac color picker to find a websafe dark green that I liked, and then swapping to CMYK sliders to get the values. Sure enough, that worked.

It only took me two days to think of it.

So here are the official values.
Cyan 100%
Magenta 60%
Yellow 100%
Black 0%

HTML #006600

I have some more tweaking to do before I put it up on the web in the blog, but here are the graphics. I am probably going to redo them so they have a low-res bit that will load first.

Main Banner 600 x 191

Internal Banner 325 x 102

Here are some earlier versions of the TPY logo. When I first came up with these, I didn't have TypeStyler so I was using the web browser to load the picture elements. It is all tables.

Old Index

Old Home Page

Interim Page Marker

UPDATE: I reworked the internal banner design, it evokes the other now without being quite so different. I also am experimenting with low res versions that will load first.

Added a link to the type foundry.

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