Posted on Wed - November 16, 2005

Making it easy for yourself

I'm now writing three blogs and editing the style sheets directly. Keeping track of the files has become interesting.

After a couple of accidents, I actually got to reading the help files. iBlog does a decent job of creating style sheets, but it is not a good idea to modify the styles-site.css file kept in the actual blog folder. iBlog overwrites that file everytime you reset the preview or publish state. Much better to use iBlog to create the file, rename it to what you want, and drag it to Users/Library/Application Support/iBlog/Stylesheets.

Now, create an alias of the Stylesheets folder that I just talked about and drag it to your Sites folder, that way you can open the folder without having to burrow through things.

While you are at it, in Sites/iBlog, there are folders with cryptic names for each of your blogs. That works if you only have one blog, but if you have more you might need to fiddle with things a bit. Use your browser to open the index.html page in each folder, that will show you which blog that folder actually is. Now make an alias of that folder, rename it to the blog name, and drag the alias to your Sites folder. That makes it easy to navigate.

Finally, you do have the Sites folder in your Finder window sidebar, don't you?

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