Posted on Sat - December 10, 2005


A Palm 515, a little long in the tooth these days but it will do until I can get an unlocked Treo 700p.

This is my second Palm, and the first one with a rechargeable battery. I used to go through six AA batteries a month with my old Palm.

You can't have my Palm. No sir, no way, no how. My life is pretty much in McDuff and I would be lost without it. Just as I would have been lost without my Daytimer back when I was using it.

The m515 has 16 megs of memory and what was at the time a pretty good screen. Still not good enough for taking pictures though (I have tried with Veo). In another entry I will talk about some of the software that makes the Palm so great. Meanwhile, here is a picture. It's a bit fuzzy, sorry about that.

I do use a fold up keyboard for McDuff. I keep my journal and notes on there and it is easier to update my Palm than to drag out my laptop.

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