Posted on Thu - September 2, 2010

Sounds like

Adjusting sound in my sanctum

Sometimes I can get way too obsessive.

Since I switched from MaKai to McLore, the audio has been bothering me. Last night I tweaked the settings to get the same sound that I used to get.

Now granted, this is an unusual setup. McLore is a 3.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. The audio out goes to a Griffin iFire (now discontinued) which then goes to set of Apple Pro Speakers that sit on top of my desk hutch. The bounce of the ceiling is nearly perfect. Eventually, I know, I'll have to replace my speakers, but not today.

Although it changes from time to time, here is the playlist that I use to balance my different speaker systems.

Prelude And Main Title March…John Williams…Superman - The Movie
Theme from Mission Magic…Rick Springfield…Mission Magic
Daddy Sang Bass…Johnny Cash…The Man In Black - His Greatest Hits
Be True To Your School (Single Version)…The Beach Boys…Sounds Of Summer
Uptown Girl…Billy Joel…The Essential Billy Joel
Blue In Green…Miles Davis…Kind of Blue
Crow River Waltz…Leo Kottke…6- And 12-String Guitar
The Grand Illusion…Styx…The Grand Illusion
We Are The Champions…Queen…Queen Greatest Hits
One Tin Soldier…The Original Caste…One Hit Wonders

Anyway, I'm done with my sanctum audio for now.

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