Posted on Mon - January 26, 2009

A password saga - UPDATED

Sometimes making things simple doesn't

I got a call late last night from my mother. "I can't get into my email!"

Now my mother isn't the most computer literate, but if you show her how to do something a few times she remembers.

So after poking around, I reconstructed what happened.

Mom renewed her MobileMe account at the end of December. At that time she disabled Dad's email only account, which was piggybacked on her account. That may or may not have had something to do with what followed.

Because Apple changed their policies or because of the renewal or because Mom changed her account setup, her MobileMe password became her default Apple password, even though it didn't used to be.

On Saturday, she fired up iTunes to look for a specific song in the iTunes Store. The ITS told her that her passport didn't work, so she reset the ITS password to what she thought it should be.

That reset her Apple password.

So no email for Mom on Sunday.

Enter the insomniac me, early this morning. I switch MaKai to the backup account I set up for her and I try signing into webmail. No dice. I try connecting to her iDisk. No dice.

So I go over to her house and reset her password from her computer.

That's when she tells me that she had to switch her iTunes password on Saturday.

I used Password Wallet to generate a random password, but she won't remember it. And since I can't remember if I put this link these links anywhere, I will put it them here.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to switch to another account and send her that link information.

Updated again - Forgot one.

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