Posted on Mon - September 29, 2008

Apple's MobileMe gets failing grade

Maybe I am expecting too much

This is one of my ongoing frustrations, I am not going to spend much more time but I do want to cover the low points.

The ONLY web application I can get to work is webmail. Contacts and Calendar just keep giving me little pop-up windows saying that Safari is taking a long time.

Simple data syncing between a laptop, desktop, and a Palm works only some of the time. Contacts that I deleted months ago well before the changeover keep popping up, resurrected from whatever limbo they were exiled to. Calendar items that I put in vanish for weeks and dozens of syncs, only to pop up again and again. At least twice, all my Calendar items have duplicated themselves. My tasks get duplicated about every other week.

I've had to reset. When that happens, the web addresses on Contacts mostly vanish. Since there is no way to choose which is the most important url if a contact has more than one, I've been left with the least useful until I have a chance to reconstruct.

As far as the actual computer programs, I've never been happy with iCal. It takes too long to load, the cursor moves around with no rhyme or reason, and at least once it went from me entering an event to overwriting a calendar without me noticing. The single BIGGEST annoyance is the inability to shut off alarms on the computer when I am relying on the Palm for my alarms. When I sit down at noon and fire up iCal, all the alarms for that morning pop up. I can't leave iCal running when I am not at my computer because then it wakes itself from sleep.

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