Posted on Tue - July 29, 2008

I'm less than impressed with MobileMe - Updated

Apple let me down

Although I did finally get this site working as it was BEFORE the MobileMe launch, many other things are totally useless. I keep information synchronized between two Macs and a Palm. iCal entries usually do make it, but despite both Macs being set to "sync automatically," it often takes four or five MANUAL syncs to on both computers get Address Book entries across all three devices. Just to be safe, I only sync my Palm on one computer.

I've never synchronized mail, so I can't speak to that.

I've yet to get the web versions of Address Book or iCal to work. I suspect that I have too much and a web connection won't support them.

I give the whole mess a failing grade. I am not really sure if renewing is worth the price at this point.

Update: Tuesday, 29Jul2008 21:31
Evidently my RSS page for this site never published when I did the last post.

Really frustrating.

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