Posted on Wed - December 6, 2006


I've been experimenting with Gmail exclusively for my Palm. The good news is that it works with a couple of modifications on the setup. The bad news is that it doesn't send attachments very well and Palm's Versamail program has some serious limitations.

Here is the revised setup.

Gmail account name=GMail
Mail Service=US-Gmail
email address=your gmail email address
incoming mail
outgoing mail
incoming server settings: port number=995, ssl=checked, apop=unchecked,
outgoing server settings: port number=587, ssl=checked, esmtp=checked, [email protected], password=assigned

There are a couple of limitations I have run into so far.

Versamail does not handle more than two or three mails at the same time. Even setting up a dozen or so Google alerts was enough to make me think that my Palm had frozen. It gets out of it eventually but it makes you wonder.

Depending on the WiFi access point, sending can be a real pain. Switching the outgoing port to 587 seems to work most of the time, but even then there are difficulties.

The fact is, as much as I like the Palm platform, I am really beginning to wonder about the wireless and internet features.

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