Posted on Mon - October 16, 2006

Cell phone

I hate phones with a passion. I didn't use to hate phones. I actually like the idea of being to communicate almost anywhere. But no one calls me to give me a Lamborghini. It's always because they want me to fix something. Finally, after years of putting it off, I've accepted the digital tether to get a cell phone.

It's one thing to decide that you need a cell phone, it's something else to actually choose one.

Have you tried to figure out the websites? Verizon Wireless is particularly bad. They also happen to be the ones who give the best coverage in my area. Just navigating around the site to try to figure out how much it is going to cost requires an accounting department.

Originally I wanted a Bluetooth capable phone.

Finally, I just decided the heck with it and went to my local WalMart to get a TracFone. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles I would like to have had, but it is cheap and I know how much it will cost to keep it running. Most importantly, it gives me a cell phone and voice mail, which is all I really needed.

Setting up a TracFone is a bit tricky, fortunately I used my trusty iBook, I wouldn't have wanted to do it over the phone.

Oh, and the ringtone for when the office calls? Circus March.

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