Posted on Fri - January 20, 2006

Business cards

I needed some quickie business cards for this weekend. Nothing fancy, just something that is customized to a specific occasion. So naturally I went to AppleWorks.

AppleWorks has officially been discontinued, although Apple hasn't yet produced a all-in-one replacement. Particularly the database and spreadsheet.

I didn't think anything about it. I fired up Typestyler, a Classic application designed for text effects. I came up with an interesting logo. Then I went to AppleWorks and I used the assistant to create a business card that I could import the graphic into. After some minor tweaking, I printed a one sheet.

The graphic came out terrible.

So I tried another version. Still terrible.

Finally after several tries with several different graphic formats, I did a print preview and blew up the preview. Even though the image was fairly high quality, AppleWorks doesn't handle imported graphics terribly well. It was, well, jaggy.

So I looked at some of the clipping options, including some "photos." Every single time it produced a low resolution graphic. And there was no setting to change that. I finally managed to get something to work with text only. After all, I was using speciality fonts anyway, so I could get fairly close to what I had in mind as long as I used fonts and not graphics.

I don't remember this being an issue in previous issues of AppleWorks. It may have been, I didn't try to import a graphic. It's a little strange that Apple of all companies wouldn't have decent graphic subroutines.

I've got something that will work for now, but long term I'm thinking about Business Card Composer from BeLight Software. It had made my wish list before, but now it has made my shopping list.

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