Posted on Tue - July 3, 2007

iPhone Fever

I never intended to buy a first generation iPhone. Although I was impressed by the potential, I wanted to see how it worked out before shelling out the six hectobux.

From what I can see, I was right to wait.

The iPhone is not the all-in-one that I hoped it would be.

First and foremost is the fact that I make it a rule to never replace one gizmo with one that does less. Current iPod (admittedly non-video and non-color) has a forty-gigabyte hard drive. At the moment, the best available iPhone can only do 8 gigabytes of storage. So the iPhone means I wouldn't be able to carry all my current music and sound files, much less add any photos, movies, and television shows.

I currently use my trusty Palm TX to take notes during meetings, notes that I can then transfer to my computers and search. This is pretty much a deal breaker for me. The iPhone has no way to transfer notes, no Bluetooth keyboard support, and no copy/paste text function.

The iPhone surprisingly doesn't support voice memos.

The iPhone doesn't do video recording.

The iPhone calendar doesn't support To Dos.

These are serious shortcomings.

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